Active Income and Passive Income

Active income is money you earn by working as an employee, business person, agent or referrer. It is an income that you earn by actively spending time, money and effort to generate such income.

On the other hand, Passive income is money you receive without working for it.

Do you want to earn both in one Referral program?

Earn Active Income by referring your friends and associates to the program. Earn P700 product gift cheques on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd referrals; and P700 product GC plus P300 cash= P1,000 on your 4th, 5th, 6th and succeeding referrals.

Earn Passive Income (P300 infinity bonus) on the downlines of your 4th, 5th, 6th and succeeding referrals, 3x3 up to infinity!

Rebates and Commissions on Repeat Purchases

Earn rebates on your own repeat purchases and sales overrides on the purchases of people you invite into the program, including people invited by your direct members.

Earn 5% to 35% rebates and 5% to 30% sales overrides, depending on your rank/position.

Each product has an equivalent MPV (Multi-level Point Value). Promotion is based on group MPV. Sales rebates and overrides are also computed based on MPV.

Sponsor at least 3 people to join the program and help or encourage them to sponsor 3 people each. 

When you sponsor 3 people and they, in turn sponsor 3 people each, down the line, they become your downline members. When your downline members buy products with corresponding MPV, those MPV points are credited to you. When you accumulate 1200 MPV, no time-frame, you become an Executive. Assuming you have 60 downline members who bought 20 MPV products each, you become an Executive and you could earn the following potential income:

Monthly income is stated at US Dollars. Multiply by P50 to get the equivalent Peso Income.

Assuming your network grows to 250 members and assuming all your downline members bought 20 MPV products each, you have accumulated 5000 group MPV to become a Manager. As a Manager, you could earn the following potential income:

Assuming the number of your downline members reaches 750 and all of them bought 20 MPV products for the month, you have accumulated 15,000 group MPV to become a Sales Manager, with the following potential monthly income: 

Assuming your network grow to 2500 members and all of them bought 20 MPV products, you have accumulated 50,000 group MPV and you become a Director. A Director has the potential to earn up to US$9,900 per month, as follows:

Assuming your network grows to 7500 members and all of them bought 20 MPV products per month, you have accumulated 150,000 group MPV and you become a Marketing Director, the highest position in the program. A Marketing Director has the potential to earn up to US$44,000 per month:

Unilevel Sales Bonus

When you and your downline members buy 20 MPV products, you get a bonus of 16 UPV (Unilevel Point Value). UPV is monetised as Unilevel Sales Bonus. Therefore, on top of your Multilevel Rebates and Overrides, you also earn the following Unilevel Sales Commissions/Bonus:

Sales Commissions are deposited to your NURO fund

NURO stands for “Nutriwell Ultimate Rewards and Opportunities”.
NURO serves as an internal private currency of Nutriwell.

1 NURO is equivalent to 1 US$
The NURO fund is like your online “personal bank account”:

Your sales commissions are credited to your NuRO fund real-time
Your sales commissions are expressed in NURO
You can withdraw funds from your NuRO fund; request encashment fo deposit to your Nutriwell VISA card or BDO account or through company check
You can register a new distributor by paying NURO to the Company

Payment of Sales Commissions

Sales rebates, overrides and commissions are credited to your NURO fund daily.

Earned commissions from Tuesday to Monday are credited to your NURO fund every Tuesday. Request for encashment of sales commissions received by the company from Thursday to Wednesday will be deposited to your BDO account or Nutriwell VISA account on Friday.

Your Own Virtual Office

You will have your own virtual office account in the company’s website, where you can view your geneaology, your real time sales commissions and make NURO transactions.

How to Join

For those residing in the Philippines, simply buy the following Membership product pack:

Free delivery of products anywhere in the Philippines. Products will be delivered to the member's given address in the Philippines or nearest JRS provincial branch office, whichever is applicable.

For those residing in other countries, you can join the program by buying any product pack listed in Prices are inclusive of shipment cost to most countries. Each product pack has 20 MPV on repeat purchase.