Ultimate Rewards Pack

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MEGAOMEGA Softgel is rich in Omega 5 and 9 monounsaturated fats and has an excellent ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6, providing essential nutrition for healthy heart, brain and eyes. Ingredients: Cetylated Fatty Acid and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.


NATRAL Herbal Oil contains a proprietary blend of peppermint, ginger oil, jojoba oil and Cetylated Oil specially formulated to help relieve pain and inflammation arising from sprain, strain and other sports injuries.

BUENCAFE Premium Blend: The Best Coffee for your Liver! Contains dandelion, silymarin, turmeric, ganoderma lucidum and mangosteen extracts, all with active components known to protect the liver from oxidative stress.

RADIANT GLOW Beauty Soap with Glutathione, Kojic and Cetylated Oil. Whitens and moisturizes skin, makes skin firmer and better hydrated, smoothens wrinkles.